A Poem From the Past… 

A negative thought came to my mind

We wore a charming smile 

And I was sorely tempted

To invite him in a while

And as I hesitated

He tapped softly on the door 

Whispered through the keyhole 

As he’s often done before

He said “I’ll help you hold your grudge, 

I’ll help you sing the blues

It seems like all your folks and friends 

Have turned their backs on you”. 

He said “you’ve been misunderstood, mistreated and maligned

I’ll help you cry your heart out if you’ll let me come inside”

But I kept my windows fastened

And my door securely closed

For I knew I’d be the loser 

If I let him take control

For negative thoughts can multiply 

and drown the positives out 

And make the mind a cess pool 

Of anxiety and doubt

And so I told the negative thought 

That I would not let him in

He went his way but I am sure 

That he’ll return again 

But no more will I greet him

With a welcome or a smile 

And never will entertain him

Even for a while

I’ll fill my heart with positive thoughts 

And on the door install

A sign which reads ‘do not disturb’

When negative comes to call

For though he knocks a thousand times 

and yet a thousand more 

He cannot dominate my mind 

If I don’t open the door 

– thanks to Good Life magazine 

You can watch this week’s video here where I talk about how I found this poem in a little Sikh or Hindu magazine.  It’s amazing where you can find evidence of the law of attraction and it’s in almost every religion.  
That got me thinking about prayer and how people swear by the power of it.  Really prayer is just asking a higher power for what you want or need in your life.  Christians ask Jesus, we ask The Universe. 

Sometimes the most effective solutions are the simplest solutions, and if you are finding blocking negative thoughts difficult simply look at where they breed and grow.  For me they are:

  • Social networking sites
  • Lots of free time 
  • Not leaving the house

So for me the simple solutions are to delete my social apps for a few days at a time, get BUSY with work, creative projects, fitness,  cooking, craft, ANYTHING and making sure I get out the house enough (this is because I primarily work from home). 

Make a list of where and when your negative thoughts begin to creep in and tackle those areas.  

I would love to hear any other examples of the law of attraction within religions, please do leave me any comments below. 

 A ship doesn’t sink because of the water around it, it sinks when water gets IN it.  

Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and pull you down. 


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    Yossi morris
    23rd May 2016 at 10:00 pm

    Love this post, So true! I always seem to blame myself for thinking negitive thoughts, and yet sometimes we just have to realise which inviroments cause us to feel these waysand thing those negtive thoughts, and eliminate them. Btw i just changed my instagrams bio to your url! I aould live for u to check it out its yossimorris.

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