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April 2017


Travel The World For Free

Something I’m passionate about is not only travelling the world but doing it with my baby to show her everything this beautiful place has to offer. Since giving birth, I have been reluctant to go back to work any more than is necessary. So how do I get to travel the world so much? 

Bohemia is barely 9 months old and she has already been to 8 different countries, the furthest to being Australia.

My secret is the wonderful  AirBnB

By renting my London apartment out on Airbnb I can afford to travel pretty much anywhere in the world for exactly the same cost. I think our society is growing more towards a sharing economy and it makes so much sense! My new video explains all!  

If you want to find out the Airbnb yourself simply use this link for Β£30 your first stay.  

I got this concept of living from the amazing book The 4 Hour Work Week

Thank you Air BnB for enabling me to show my baby this beautiful world of ours.