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September 2016


My Baby Journey

I want to say something but I don’t quite know what it is or how to start. All I know is how I feel.  

For me, having a baby has been a very spiritual experience, I have never felt more human, nor felt more alive on this earth.

Things have awoken in me that I have never seen before, things I didn’t even know were there, but are as sure, steady and old as the hills. I discover instincts that come as naturally to me as eating or drinking, that have come from a place not in my lifetime. 

In her I see the thousands of women before me, my Prussian grandmother, the refugee who walked from Poland to Germany in the war, unfamiliar faces from Saint Vincent, a place I’ve never been which are now a part of her blood.  

I read somewhere during my pregnancy that memories are passed down through the mother into the unborn child in the form of dreams, and that these become their instincts. I feel gratitude for my ancient, primal ancestors who have passed down the needs to nest, to gather, and to protect. To make things such as feeding her from my body and protecting her in my sleep as natural to me as breathing.  

She is the product of a thousand love stories, a hundred wars, the struggle of survival, religion, slavery, prejudice but most of all progression & love. It’s all very big, too big for me to understand but all I know is this is what love feels like and this is what it is to be connected to every single person on this planet. 

This month is PCOS Awareness Month and I have made a video all about my pregnancy, PCOS & the law of attraction. This is what the law of attraction should be used for, it’s not about getting rich quick, getting a fabulous car or your dream home. It’s about the big things in life; love, pure happiness, family. 

I really hope that in sharing my story, as always, it can help someone else.