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July 2016


A Clean, Stylish Vision Board

As a fan of the Japanese art of simplicity and minimalism (KonMari) I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the traditional, messy vision boards, created from old magazine & newspaper cuttings.  Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing, but it’s often hard to find decent, relevant, inspirational images via magazines.   

You only need to look to Pinterest & Instagram to find a huge wealth of inspiration for your own life using hashtags such as #familygoals #weddinginspo #fitness #travel & more. 

I was pondering last week why I haven’t had a vision board in years, particularly when my past success with them have been well-documented in the national news.

You can find the original video of how I met my husband here.


So, I’ve decided to make a new vision board using the app LALALAB, which make incredible posters featuring 24 or 32 square (Instagram) images.  They come framed or unframed.  I’m filling mine with lots of inspo I found of families, homes, gardens, salons, fitness & more. I’m also adding a sprinkling of inspirational quotes from my Instagram.

You can make yours so easily, printing straight from your phone!  Just install the app:  LALALAB and get choosing images. 

You can get Β£5 off your order if you use my promo code which is:  PGT7713K