Travel The World For Free

Something I’m passionate about is not only travelling the world but doing it with my baby to show her everything this beautiful place has to offer. Since giving birth, I have been reluctant to go back to work any more than is necessary. So how do I get to travel the world so much? 

Bohemia is barely 9 months old and she has already been to 8 different countries, the furthest to being Australia.

My secret is the wonderful  AirBnB

By renting my London apartment out on Airbnb I can afford to travel pretty much anywhere in the world for exactly the same cost. I think our society is growing more towards a sharing economy and it makes so much sense! My new video explains all!  

If you want to find out the Airbnb yourself simply use this link for £30 your first stay.  

I got this concept of living from the amazing book The 4 Hour Work Week

Thank you Air BnB for enabling me to show my baby this beautiful world of ours. 


My Baby Journey

I want to say something but I don’t quite know what it is or how to start. All I know is how I feel.  

For me, having a baby has been a very spiritual experience, I have never felt more human, nor felt more alive on this earth.

Things have awoken in me that I have never seen before, things I didn’t even know were there, but are as sure, steady and old as the hills. I discover instincts that come as naturally to me as eating or drinking, that have come from a place not in my lifetime. 

In her I see the thousands of women before me, my Prussian grandmother, the refugee who walked from Poland to Germany in the war, unfamiliar faces from Saint Vincent, a place I’ve never been which are now a part of her blood.  

I read somewhere during my pregnancy that memories are passed down through the mother into the unborn child in the form of dreams, and that these become their instincts. I feel gratitude for my ancient, primal ancestors who have passed down the needs to nest, to gather, and to protect. To make things such as feeding her from my body and protecting her in my sleep as natural to me as breathing.  

She is the product of a thousand love stories, a hundred wars, the struggle of survival, religion, slavery, prejudice but most of all progression & love. It’s all very big, too big for me to understand but all I know is this is what love feels like and this is what it is to be connected to every single person on this planet. 

This month is PCOS Awareness Month and I have made a video all about my pregnancy, PCOS & the law of attraction. This is what the law of attraction should be used for, it’s not about getting rich quick, getting a fabulous car or your dream home. It’s about the big things in life; love, pure happiness, family. 

I really hope that in sharing my story, as always, it can help someone else.


A Clean, Stylish Vision Board

As a fan of the Japanese art of simplicity and minimalism (KonMari) I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the traditional, messy vision boards, created from old magazine & newspaper cuttings.  Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing, but it’s often hard to find decent, relevant, inspirational images via magazines.   

You only need to look to Pinterest & Instagram to find a huge wealth of inspiration for your own life using hashtags such as #familygoals #weddinginspo #fitness #travel & more. 

I was pondering last week why I haven’t had a vision board in years, particularly when my past success with them have been well-documented in the national news.

You can find the original video of how I met my husband here.


So, I’ve decided to make a new vision board using the app LALALAB, which make incredible posters featuring 24 or 32 square (Instagram) images.  They come framed or unframed.  I’m filling mine with lots of inspo I found of families, homes, gardens, salons, fitness & more. I’m also adding a sprinkling of inspirational quotes from my Instagram.

You can make yours so easily, printing straight from your phone!  Just install the app:  LALALAB and get choosing images. 

You can get £5 off your order if you use my promo code which is:  PGT7713K


A Poem From the Past… 

A negative thought came to my mind

We wore a charming smile 

And I was sorely tempted

To invite him in a while

And as I hesitated

He tapped softly on the door 

Whispered through the keyhole 

As he’s often done before

He said “I’ll help you hold your grudge, 

I’ll help you sing the blues

It seems like all your folks and friends 

Have turned their backs on you”. 

He said “you’ve been misunderstood, mistreated and maligned

I’ll help you cry your heart out if you’ll let me come inside”

But I kept my windows fastened

And my door securely closed

For I knew I’d be the loser 

If I let him take control

For negative thoughts can multiply 

and drown the positives out 

And make the mind a cess pool 

Of anxiety and doubt

And so I told the negative thought 

That I would not let him in

He went his way but I am sure 

That he’ll return again 

But no more will I greet him

With a welcome or a smile 

And never will entertain him

Even for a while

I’ll fill my heart with positive thoughts 

And on the door install

A sign which reads ‘do not disturb’

When negative comes to call

For though he knocks a thousand times 

and yet a thousand more 

He cannot dominate my mind 

If I don’t open the door 

– thanks to Good Life magazine 

You can watch this week’s video here where I talk about how I found this poem in a little Sikh or Hindu magazine.  It’s amazing where you can find evidence of the law of attraction and it’s in almost every religion.  
That got me thinking about prayer and how people swear by the power of it.  Really prayer is just asking a higher power for what you want or need in your life.  Christians ask Jesus, we ask The Universe. 

Sometimes the most effective solutions are the simplest solutions, and if you are finding blocking negative thoughts difficult simply look at where they breed and grow.  For me they are:

  • Social networking sites
  • Lots of free time 
  • Not leaving the house

So for me the simple solutions are to delete my social apps for a few days at a time, get BUSY with work, creative projects, fitness,  cooking, craft, ANYTHING and making sure I get out the house enough (this is because I primarily work from home). 

Make a list of where and when your negative thoughts begin to creep in and tackle those areas.  

I would love to hear any other examples of the law of attraction within religions, please do leave me any comments below. 

 A ship doesn’t sink because of the water around it, it sinks when water gets IN it.  

Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and pull you down. 



It’s a Wonderful Life

I went to see the old Christmas classic ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ this week, and it occurred to me how steeped in law of attraction it was.  

I just uploaded this week’s video all about how the law of attraction can be found all over film and music.  I think this is because the people who have made it to the top of their game, writing, directing or producing films or music understand how gratitude works and they subliminally try and pass that message on to their audiences.   I truly feel that when you have been manifesting amazing situations and objects into your reality – your strongest desire is then to pass on this ‘secret’ to as many other people as possible.     

I mentioned in my latest video the Pharrell Williams video that I really wanted you to watch, because this for me is a clear moment when you can tell these two huge believers showing huge gratitude and appreciation for being able to spread the law of attraction through music. 

So this Christmas do try and watch It’s a Wonderful Life, it’s a fantastic reminder to always hold gratitude in your heart.  

Merry Christmas one and all


Hitting The Headlines

This week Law of Attraction hit the headlines, you can read the story here:  

The Metro 
The popular London newspaper picked up on my law of attraction love story of how I met my husband by ‘cosmically ordering’ him three years before.  

They not only told the story in a great, unbiased way but also linked to the original video which is great for my channel.   

It’s great to see the law of attraction popping up more and more frequently in the national press and for it not to be immediately ridiculed.  It shows that awareness is growing, vibrations are rising and as a collective we are waking up.   

If you’re a viewer of my videos or follower of this blog but perhaps your friends or family aren’t believers, show them the Metro article.   Coming from an independent news source DOES add credibility.  (For those unlucky ones who aren’t able to believe).  

“Never give up on the law of attraction and never give up on love”


A Christmas Miracle!

Sometimes it’s when you need your faith in the law of attraction to be strong that it fails you the most.  Why is that?

I live and breathe the law of attraction daily, applying it to almost every area of my life.  But behind my smile and positive outlook, like us all – something was secretly plaguing me.  

I often describe being on a high frequency as being in a bubble floating above everyone else.  The only other people you encounter up here are others also on a high frequency.  Being up here also allows you to see what the others below you are doing wrong to be so low.  It seems glaringly obvious from up here – like seeing the borders of farmer’s fields from an aeroplane.  

The more you remain on this frequency the thicker your bubble becomes – and the harder it is to burst.  However, like tiny woodworm destroying a whole house, negative thoughts can quickly multiply and compromise your high frequency.  

Have you seen my latest video? 

Over the past year I’ve had negative thoughts creep in around a certain subject, something I’ve wanted to do – or at least THOUGHT I wanted to do.  Before I knew it, every time I thought about this subject I would have an uneasy feeling.  A feeling of dread, anxiety and WANT.  A feeling of wanting instead of having is toxic to manifesting your desires.  

I hate being so vague with you guys as I take you on my journey of how the law of attraction has changed my life but I promise you this – it WORKS!  

I had habitual negative thoughts about this subject for over two years until one week ago I decided to really use the law of attraction to manifest my reality. For the first time with this particular issue I used physical motions, music and visualisation, my most powerful manifestation tools by far.  

And of course… Within the week I have manifested this as my reality.  I once again was treated to that rare ‘WOW’ moment where you really understand how this all works and how much power you have inside your mind.  

Although I can’t tell you what this project is until it is a little more advanced, I just wanted to share with you what I can to tell you to never give up on the law of attraction.   It is SIMPLE but it isn’t EASY. You HAVE to keep your faith strong, you have to take positive actions, you have to visualise.  

I can’t wait until the day I can make a video on this and share with you what I’ve learnt, but what I can say is that I haven’t learnt anything new.  It is simply applying the simple practices that we already know.  I guess that I. Itself is an education. 

Good luck my friends and I will see you next Friday.  

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”


Christmas Gratitude Gift Guide 

Christmas has become a shrine to consumerism, but it really doesn’t need to be this way.   It’s the ideal time for love and gratitude, portraying your feelings via the love language of emotional gift giving. 
Instead of yet another tie, pair of shoes or new gadget this Christmas, why not give the gift of gratitude, enlightenment and the empowerment of being able to change your life for the better?  

We’ve all seen that friend or loved one who is struggling by on a low frequency.  They don’t understand why they’re unlucky in love/always broke/unhappy and it often doesn’t feel our place to tell them where they’re going wrong (although it’s glaringly obvious).  However, a gift of sharing the law of attraction via a book this Christmas really could be the catalyst for change that they need.   

I’ve included some great goals journals from Kikki K in my gift guide as well as some other fun ideas to get your family’s love frequency higher this Christmas.  


I  also found these gorgeous I Love You Mum/Dad books in Australia and I’m really passionate about them as I think the written word from the heart is the greatest gift a parent could wish to receive.  

Click This Link to watch the full video and please do comment below to let me know of any other great gift ideas I may have missed.  

“Give the gift of gratitude this Christmas.” 


Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is a time for love and gratitude, but all too often we get caught up in the hype of consumerism and forget the true value and meaning that Christmas brings us.  

We’ve all been there, seeing a friend or loved one struggle on a low frequency and wanting to share our secret… The law of attraction.  But sometimes it doesn’t feel right.  What better time to share your love and knowledge of the law of attraction with those close to you than Christmas?   

Your partner might like another pair of shoes or a new gadget, but a book or journal focussing on taking control of and getting the best from their life will be the gift that keeps on giving.  
I’ve just uploaded my Law of Attraction Christmas Gift Guide to my You Tube channel, I hope you enjoy it!    


Goals Journal by Kikki K

Bucket List Book by Kikki K

Positive Quote Cards by Lagom Designs

Conversation Starters by Kikki K

Daily Teachings at any good bookstore


“Give the gift of gratitude this Christmas.”